justinpawlak.falkentire 5 Question Interview with Justin Pawlak – New 2010 Mustang and More

1. How does it feel to be officially on the Falken Team after the Charlotte Testing?

Being part of the Falken team is awesome. Everyone has been really cool and very helpful. It’s seemed very surreal until getting behind the wheel of the Falken Mustang because of how fast everything came together. I’m blown away with how well everything is organized and planned out, it really makes me feel like I’m a professional driver. I can’t wait for the season to start, I feel like I have the support to do very well this season.

2. You started a shop recently, can you tell us about that experience and what services you offer people?

Yes, I’ve recently opened my shop, Hot Line, in Gardena, CA. We offer services ranging from full race car prep, bash bars, custom v-mount setups, roll cage fabrication, engine/chassis wiring and suspension tuning. We basically can take your stock car and turn it into a professional drift car. We obviously specialized in Rx7’s but we’ve also been working on Nissan’s, Porsche’s, Ford’s and Toyota’s. We don’t discriminate though, so we’ll work on pretty much anything. The shop has been extremely busy since we opened last November. We’re currently have about a 3 week waiting list to bring new car’s in, but if you’re interested in getting some work done don’t hesitate to contact us. For more info and contact information you can check out Blog.JTPDrift.com or JTPDrift.com.

3. How does the 2010 Mustang feel for you, are there any big adjustments from the Rx-8 or your personal Rx-7?

The 2010 Falken Mustang felt surprisingly light and nimble. I was a bit concerned about how it would feel being that it looks like such a big car. Realistically it’s the same wheel base at the Rx8 I drove last season, although it weights over 300 lbs less. With the car being considerably lighter and having a much better power band and very light steering feel, it’s amazing to drive. I’m definitely looking forward to getting out on the track again with it. The guys at ASD (autosportdynamics.com) made the transition extremely easy for me, setting up the drivers seat, steering wheel and pedals to suit my needs. The only major adjustment I’ll need to get use to, is that I’m not expected to do anything on the car other than drive the hell out of it!

4. What do you think of your new teammates at Falken Tire?

My new teamates on Team Falken are awesome! Although I had not really hung out with D-mac or Tyler much before our test session in Charlotte, we really had a great time together. The whole trip was filled with a ton of joking around and a ton of laughter. You would never think it but D-mac has some of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard! Tyler and I have joked around a bit before, but hanging out a couple days together I saw that he was a really cool and funny guy. And of course JR and I have a great friendship and I really appreciate him helping me get this opportunity. It’s really cool to see the passion and determination that we all share to do extremely well this season. It’s going to be an amazing season for Team Falken!

5. Can you beat Vaughn Gittin Jr. this season in his own car?

icon smile 5 Question Interview with Justin Pawlak – New 2010 Mustang and More

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